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Due to COVID-19 and the measures in place by Quebec government, RISE Entertainment Convention will be held entirely online and free for everyone. We will be accepting donations that will go towards next year's edition of the convention. More details about scheduling soon! 


RISE Entertainment Convention is a business networking and educational non-profit event that gathers Montreal's entertainment industry professionals. A place for knowledge-sharing and discussion panels that will bring guests up to speed with latest trends, technologies, methods and strategies to help them rise in the ever-changing entertainment and music industries.

Our panels are led by industry professionals and cover a broad range of important topics: music production, music rights, concert production, technology, funding, music promotion and the evolution of the entertainment industry as a result of COVID-19.


Come meet the industry, learn, and attend what's probably the most affordable industry event of this kind in Montreal! We hope to see you at the very first edition of RISE in June 2020! 

- Simon & Alessia (founders)


meet The team

Simon Pelletier

Co-founder Rise Montreal, Founder Golden Path Music

Robert flis

Marketing Specialist at Sincop8ed Noize Foundation

Alessia Priolo

Co-founder Rise Montreal, Founder Sincop8ed Noize Foundation

Samsara  Rainville

Social Media Coordinator at Golden Path Music

Paméla denis

Project Coordinator at Sincop8ed Noize Foundation

Alexandre Garceau

Project Manager at Golden Path Music



Our vision is to bridge the gap between Montreal's industry professionals and the creators. Artists of all genres and aspiring and current entertainment industry professionals: this event is for you!





June 6, 2020


Virtual event

11:00 - 11:40 AM - Music Production 

Music production is a process. Being in the studio and producing tracks, is a magical moment. Although music production has become increasingly accessible in recent years, a well produced track requires engineers and producers who possess the skills, experience, and musical mind. Let’s not forget that being prepared for studio sessions is also essential.


Join the music production panel and learn more about key concepts and tips in music production, and how you can make the most out of your studio sessions. 

Moderator: Alexandre Garceau - Project Manager, Golden Path Music



Varti Deuchoghlian - Music Producer

Corey Tardiff - Music Designer, Stingray

Jacob Lacroix Cardinal - Sound Engineer, Planet Studios

Kevin Jardine - Music Producer

12:00 - 12:40 PM - Music Rights

Knowing your rights means knowing when you’re owed money for your music. Release your song today and it can be streamed, shared, downloaded, heard in ads or television, and played anywhere in the world. Music rights are about ensuring that you receive royalties for owning a song that is used or played by another entity. It certainly can seem messy, so let us demystify some of it.


Join us and learn about music rights and protecting your work.


Moderator: Simon Pelletier - President, Golden Path Music



Hugo Loïs - President, Trouble Publishing

Katie Seline - Licensing Specialist & Music Business Instructor

Marie-Laurence Asselin - Owner, Fair Enough Publishing

1:00 - 1:40 PM - Live Shows & Music Promotion

The live music industry has experienced a surge over the past 15 years, and streaming is also growing at unprecedented rates. When it comes to promoting and releasing new music, artists must be able to set goals, track results, and have the right promotion strategies in place to see growth in fans, followers, streams, sales, and attract bookers and promoters for show opportunities.

Join us and learn about the live music industry and promotion strategies.


Moderator: Alessia Priolo - President, Sincop8ed Noize Foundation



Nick Guerin - Owner, Dungeon Works Productions

Darryl Hurs - Director of Market Development Canada, CD Baby

Harrison Goldstein - Music Entrepreneur

2:00 - 2:40 PM - Entertainment Technology

Advancement in technology has yet to reach a plateau. We have seen a proliferation of various applications and entertainment technologies to enhance the live event experience. Technology is playing a huge role in artist internationalization, and how we experience live events.


Join us to discover new advances and trends in entertainment technology.


Moderator: Elodie Lorrain-Martin - Artist Manager, MBMC Music. Producer, Production UP



Jay Bonventre - Associate Producer, Lune Rouge

Adam Bultz - President & Executive Producer, C3 Events

Dorian Perron - Co-Founder, Groover

3:00 - 3:40 PM - Artist Revenue Streams & Grants

Revenue generation is a crucial pillar in the development of an artist’s career. Radio, television, streaming platforms, video games, grants, there is a plethora of opportunities for artists to generate income and fund their musical projects. Find out more, and dig deeper into the various ways that you can diversify your revenue as an artist and stay ahead of the game.


Join us to learn about artist revenue streams and the various grants available.


Moderator: Robert Flis - Marketing Specialist, Sincop8ed Noize Foundation



David Charest - Account Executive, SOCAN

Shevaughn Battle - Regional Education Coordinator, FACTOR Quebec

4:00 - 4:40 PM - COVID-19 & the Entertainment Industry

Will the entertainment industry be the same after COVID-19? How is it evolving, and how can we prepare for what's coming? These are but few of the questions we will be addressing. Our speakers will provide insight on how musicians, artists and entertainment professionals can adapt.


Join us and get informed on what the "new normal" might look like for the entertainment industry.


Moderator: Darryl Hurs - Director of Market Development Canada, CD Baby



Jason Katz - President, Atmosphere Event Communications

Annie Cantin - Label Manager, Believe

Catherine Jacques - Contracts and Booking Manager, Arena Shows for Cirque du Soleil



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